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Originally Posted by DJ9 View Post
What group do you run in, as you mention you exclusively attend BMW CCA events? A,B,C or D?

It think the point is, it’s not black and white. You can be at a skill level where your track speed produces intended drifting, slipping, and the type of braking that confuses the comp; while still not being entirely confident on turning off your DSC on your vehicle. This is where MDM is nice to have; however it does not remove the intrusiveness of DSC, it simply reduces it; which is what we are saying.

It's always good to keep in mind that some of us are not track stars or view our M's as a dedicated track vehicles; rather individuals who are skilled drivers and enjoy weekend track events...and do not want to thread the needle too thin; so we hedge risky pleasure with being intelligently conservative.

Remember, the definition of an "accident" is that it was not intended or foreseen to happen, regardless how good of a driver you are.

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haha - accidents is a poor term for a vehicle collision. most collisions are purely human error. yeah there is the rare tire blow out or oil on the track that could never have been seen. but mostly human errror. I run in the I group.

If you run in C or D I say leave it on. If you run in B then its optional between you and your instructor. I see no reason for A students to have DSC on in most cases.