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MDM at the track

Another laid back day at the track with the BMW CCA. I posted the following on another thread on the main page, but I think it will get lost.

This time, I pushed the car harder, and MDM was problematic--especially in 2nd gear coming out of a hairpin going uphill. You set the car up the right way, start gradually throttle steering, nothing's out of line or problematic, you apply just a bit more as you are tracking out, and then MDM doesn't like the slight drift and cuts power. The issue is the rear end is unloaded and the car gets unsettled. It's not as if that induces a spin or anything since who knows what else MDM is doing at that point to keep the car straight, but you just kind of get stuck there. I still don't feel comfortable with turning it completely off, but I was pretty close to doing so as this kept on happening.

Have you guys run into the same situation? Opinions on this?