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sadly this is now a losing battle.

When 51% of the people expect a handout in some form by the government or are relying on the government for their income, that 51% will vote for candidates promising increased government spending.

The government does not produce or create anything. They get their funding through taxing those that work in the private sector. This money is largely funneled to those that do not work or those that rely on the government for income.

There will be a point when those that work become incentivized to either stop working for the private sector and work for the government, stop working in America and move abroad, or stop working entirely and accept a handout from the government. As more and more producers choose one of these decisions, our GDP from the private sector will continue to decline.

There will reach a point at which this dependency will no longer be sustainable. This will be a point at which chaos ensues.

The decline has only begun. We are currently at a ratio of approx. 51% takers and 49% producers. The country will not fall off the "cliff" in only 4 years but it will continue to follow down the path of insolvency at an exponential rate.

Again, once you pass the 51% mark for those that rely on government for sustenance, it is too late to turn back. The 51% will continue to vote for more and more government involvement as this will correlate to more and more handouts.

We have reached this 51% mark. Sadly I do not know how this can be reversed.