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Originally Posted by Ben335 View Post
Replacing only the Xpipe will never cause a CEL. Only if you change or remove the main set of Catalytic converters will you have issues with CEL. The O2 sensors that monitor things sit before and after the main cats coming right off the headers. That is why you have no issues with CELs as you have only done your Xpipe.

The Fabspeed HFC and Xpipe WILL Definitely throw CELS. It is just a matter of time as to when you actually get them. It depends on a lot of factors, like driving style, throttle position, etc..... Honestly, it is kind of annoying that Fabspeed still claims that it does not cause CELs and they disappeared off this board both as a sponsor and responding to anyone getting CELs. The only way around it is to tune it out or be willing to clear the code anytime it comes up.
Good info...thanks. Assuming you can clear the CEL whenever it pops up from time to time w/the HFC' there any risk of damage to the engine? My assumption is's just the smog it's reading that's causing the CEL I'm thinking of just doing this anyway, but want to be sure there's no long term damage to the motor to worry about.....I wouldn't be doing an ECU tune (that would effectively remove the CEL permanently) for some time down the road.