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Thumbs up Fabspeed X-Pipe with HFC's Review

This past Monday, I celebrated my Presidentís Day off by visiting Fabspeed in Ambler, PA to take part in the Tri-State Powerchip GB. I was so impressed with Fabspeedís top notch shop that I felt it warranted a thread dedicated just to them. You can see my Powerchip review here:

My 1st impression of Fabspeed was that their customer service was warm and welcoming. Their shop has a big screen HDTV and ping pong table. Too bad I couldnít show off my 8-time AAU Junior Olympic/Junior National champion table tennis skills to anyone though as everyone was pretty tied up. As for the install, I wasnít in their shop while the install was done, but it didnít take them long at all. When it was installed and my car was flashed for my Powerchip tune, I was finally able to experience the anticipated new sound and added power.

The moment I started the car, the very 1st thing I noticed was that at idle, my car was the exact same loudness as it was with just my Eisenmann Race exhaust installed. There was no difference whatsoever, which was an unexpected, but pleasant, surprise. I told Alex at Fabspeed that it sounds the exact same, to which he replied with a sly grin ďjust rev it a bit.Ē The moment I did, all I could do was giggle like a little schoolgirl, which was embarrassing, but something Iím sure Fabspeed gets ALL the time. On my drive home, I noticed that at idle and at cruising speeds, my car isnít much louder than with just the Eisenmann Race, if at all. However, at WOT, the car just screams and screams and screams It definitely went from more of an American muscle sound with just the Eisenmann Race to a more exotic sound with the Fabspeed goodies installed. My buddy said it sounds like a pure racecar, and even related it to a Nascar car. My other buddy just drove it around the parking lot outside our office and revved it to about 7500 RPM, and came back and dropped off my keys back to me and told me ďit sounds EXCELLENT!Ē

I certainly had concerns with the new setup being too loud, as Iím sure many of you do as well. I was warned countless times that an Eisenmann Sport would be better, and that the Eisenmann Race would prove to be unbearable. However, the way I look at it is that the car is no louder than it used to be at idle and cruising speeds, and does not drone any more than it used to. When I step on it is when itís truly loud, but isnít that when we want our cars to scream anyway? With that being said, I have absolutely no regrets keeping my Eisenmann Race with the Fabspeed X-Pipe with HFCís.

If youíre on the fence for one reason or another about getting the Fabspeed setup, let me tell you that you wonít be disappointed. In addition to the sound, the car has so much more low end torque and just feels more powerful throughout the entire rev range, which everyone already knows about. If youíre looking for a sound or performance upgrade, it doesnít get any better than this.

Thanks again to the guys at Fabspeed for their hospitality and professionalism. It was a pleasure meeting Jay, Alex, and Jeremy, and I look forward to stopping by in the future