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Apple always create this kind of inconvenient. And the best part is, without prior notice.

The 30pin connector has been used since the birth of iPod, but what most user didn't realise is that its pins assignment was rearranged. Anyone recall that your docking, etc not able to charge newer iPod/IPhone? This is due to the charging current now being supplied through different pin (namely the USB assigned pin) instead of the orignally FireWire assigned pin within that 30pins connector. I'm not talking the actual FireWire or USB port, but the assigned I/O within 30pins connector. This rearrangement my looks just a simple swap, but you need to entirely redesign your electrical layout to do it properly.

Then came when your iPhone shows a lovely message that your connected accessories is not compatible, radio use must be turn off? And when your accessories could not pass any video signal when u use your newer iPod?
Wtf happened? This is due to apple demanded more money by making a proprietory chip to clear both warning and passing video signal. Yes, vendors not only need to pay for license and buy connectors, but must also buy the new additional chip.

And now this 8pin connector... I believe this is huge, it may be a simple job if you only need to pass charging output, but for playing multimedia and full integration (such bmw Idrive in this case), that's another story. I won't be surprised your now compatible accessories will be rendered useless (again) in the near future. No, I'm not apple hater, I have all the iPhones till iPhone 4, countless iPods, IMac and Macbook, but clearly I'm not the apple fanboys either.

...just saying...