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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
It's all good. I wrote it that way in purpose.. It means different depending on how you look at it...

Some will say "who cares what it's called, it has 3 turbos, poweeeeeer!".

Others will say "who cares what it's called, they ruined the engine"...

Unfortunately, the people in the second camp are severely out numbered.
Don't you mean people in the first camp are outnumbered?

(I think, that you think, most people want the NA engine to stay)

But I think that is just representative of this forum.

Anyway, lets say they offered the next gen M3 with the SAME engine as the current car, or a 450hp tri-turbo.

Which would you choose? Let's assume they were the same price.

Would you buy the NA? How would you feel at the track when the turbos pass you?

*edit, I remember you are the guy who traded your M3 for a Mini Cooper S!! (judgement reserved )
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