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Well, as we near the end of this just plain wonderful year, I think the endgame is shaping up enough to make the call.

Republicans have to be realizing the direction of the country. It will be years before they can even hope to grab both sides of congress, much less the presidency. More likely they will get blamed for whatever goes down so their stock price probably isn't going up. Sooooo...perhaps the fatalists will see that crashing the car into the abutment is really the only way to effect change. Here we go---I predict no deal on the fiscal cliff but the real fight will occur when they deny the prince any growth in the debt ceiling and he tries to do it by fiat. And oh yeah, sequester actually hits.

Yup, logic says nothing to lose, why not go ahead and bring this all to a crash? For the republicans the old saying applies "I didn't say you were at fault, I said I was going to blame you!"