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I think people look at it all the wrong way. I mean people now days have more choices than ever before in everything. People have different needs and requirements. The why it should be looked it is that BMW are trying to make the ultimate driving machine in each category they enter.

I went and saw the 6er GranCoupe for example couple weeks ago, same size as a 5 series, but totally different car I feel the seating position is different. The roof line inside is totally different, the 5er seems like a more practical car. With 6er being more of a stylish car because of the body/roofline interior (Also more expensive). Just depends on what person would want.

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Didn't VW just swallow up Porsche? Guess they didn't sell enough.
Porsche was trying to buy VW then something happened and made the tables turn ending with VW buying up Porsche.