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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Certainly agree that skidpad g is not the same as track g. But they do correlate well until you get into the heavy aero/downforce modifications.

I promise I won't go on a crusade to prove you wrong on this statement, just to say that the printing of skidpad g figures are very misleading and really bear nothing with true life. Each corner effect each car differently and you can quite often get less Gs with more speed and vice-versa.

In fact check out the data I provided on the EVO supercar test at the ring (the CXX vs ENZO) as a perfect example of this.

Enzo 100.3mph G Force 1.56 - CXX 104.0mph G Force 1.39

Hohe Acht
Enzo 66.9mph G Force 1.52 - CXX 69.3mph G Force 1.53

Enzo 65.7mph G Force 1.46 - CXX 65.9mph G Force 1.52

A much better gauge is the corner speed instead.

The ZR1 is a great handling car, of that there is little doubt but when the track is as bumpy as the ring is the chances of a perfect lap being achieved like the way it would be possible in the GTR are very slim.

I would go out of a limb and say that both the ACR and ZR1 could pull a 10 second gap on the GTR if every corner clicked perfect, meaning another 3 seconds is there.

As for driver factoring into these equations, when the driver is from Formula One background and has been there through it's development I would say a comfortable 8 seconds maybe more over someone like Horst when the condition are identical and maybe 3 seconds over someone with equal skill if unfamiliar with the car but familiar with the track.