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Merchant is being unreasonable / How do I handle my situation?

So at the end of November my girlfriend bought me a Hamtilon watch ($800+) for Christmas from an online retailer ( It came and everything was legit. Christmas day I wore it all day/night and then the day after it stopped working. The second hand, chronograph, etc. all just stopped. I brought the watch to Tourneau to have them check it out and even the store manager said that nothing inside was working because he did a test on it.

I call up watchzworld and spoke with the owner and told him the situation. He said that he would either refund my money or send me another watch after he received the one that wasn't working. Okay, fine. I shipped it out on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday because I tracked it. I emailed the company yesterday and never got a response. Today I got tired of waiting around and called him up and he said he received the watch but now he's changing his story around.

He thinks that the watch that I sent him isn't the original watch that I purchased. I told him that the shipping/billing information was under my girlfriends name to clarify everything in case he was confused. Now he's saying he wants to have the watch "fixed" and send it back to me. I told him absolutely not because I am not waiting another week or so when he sent me a faulty item in the first place.

I told him that I will call him Monday and I want an answer on what he's going to do for me by then otherwise I will take necessary legal action if it's required to do so. I'm at the point where I am about to call up my girlfriends credit card company and have them dispute the charge completely because I can't deal with this asshole trying to screw me around.

Clearly he isn't honoring his original promise where he stated that he would send me another watch or refund my money. Could I just call up my girlfriends credit card company and tell them the situation and have it disputed or would it be too late since the item was purchased a month ago? btw, I have everything documented through Email if I need proof for anything, just thought I'd mention that.

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