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An amazing day in an amazing car

I had a blast, from beginning to end. Could have done without the bitter cold and definitely visited the port-o-potty one too many times (fuck that was nasty), but in terms of rain on the track I think it's the best thing because you can have fun and keep the rubber on your tires. The car was a thing of beauty, absolutely amazing. I love it, we're in love, that's all there is to say. The connection of Man & Machine has been made. As Cleo McDowell said in coming to America, "I don't know whether to bow or shake your hand or kiss it... he he... I feel like breakdancin!"

Incidentally my track day was almost ruined that very morning with an EML light that came on bringing the car to a crawl near my house. Thanks to Pej's advice (turn the car off and back on, yeah!) I was up and running again and we set off to the track. I think the car was being a diva and was pissed at for leaving it alone for two days. I dropped it off at the dealer today to check out the EML issue and they called me back to say that it is just a fault in the main engine computer and that a software patch will cover it, 2hrs labour. He said the good news was that my coverage one warranty would cover it, but I have a $200 deductible so that doesn't help me all that much. Then he said that if that doesn't work there's more good news (the first bit was considered good news) and that is the this part is actually covered for 8 years regardless of the condition. So I told him "wait a minute, you're telling me that you can do a software patch that MIGHT work and I'll pay $200 for that, and if that doesn't work don't worry cause the part is covered under warranty?". He says yes that's how BMW instructs them to do it. OK!! Anyways $200 is a low number for any BMW service and I would gladly pay it for a permanent fix but why would I dish out that money on a "MAYBE it will fix the issue"? Yeah it'll patch it until I'm out of the 8 years and then I'll have to pay to replace the part lol.

Ok back to the track day. I love being reminded how amazing cars can be when 4 little patches of rubber can keep you traveling at those crazy speeds in the wet. Well 4 patches and tons of research, chemistry, and engineering genius. I can fully admit that the DSC was carrying me but I didn't turn it off because I enjoyed the speeds it allowed me to achieve. I also love how in sport mode it let me goof around a bit. I suppose if I had started the day with it completely off I would have built up a pretty good speed, but I wanted my money's worth and I got it!

Thanks also to all who gave me driving tips, Jay, and the guy in the Integra (didn't catch his name). And finally, Duncan I bow to you... Driving God!!!! Your car control is epic and I will work at it until I'm there.