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Originally Posted by Ronnydashore View Post
why iridium over the normal ones that stock uses if you change interval is 15k?

I have tried have verified that timing on this car is pulled after 15k or so with plugs. New plugs and immedatly car was able to hit timing targets. Have done this multiple times.

Plus if bmw recommends a change at 36 , than why would the next one be 60k? makes no sense. 36 still too long but 60 is just ridiculous.

There is no "need" to do it anymore often than every 50-75 as the car will run but its a matter of do you want your car running at peak power and efficiency. Some of us are anal. 15hp is a big deal to me to be wasted which is what you will likely give up if you wait until 50k miles. Some gas mileage as well.

To me its worth it to keep the car in absolutely peak shape

60k is not ridiculous. Compared to most other vehicles, it's actually rather short. Every other car I've had (two Audis, two Hondas, Mazdas, etc) came with factory multi-electrode platinums that were good to 100k. The newer cars are moving to iridium with change intervals of 150-200k.

Changing them early won't hurt anything, but why throw money down the drain. It's placebo effect.
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