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Originally Posted by slimflem View Post
If anyone has 15/12 spacers on a stock E92 with OEM 19" wheels, please post some pics. I'd love to see how this looks. thx.
Here is my set set up, just did it today using the spacers I had for my 335is, which I traded for an e90 M3 in December. Looks good but I have an issue.
I had 12.5mm up front and 15mm for the rears (that was 18" 225 f, 255 r).
Was a perfect fit for the 335is-no trouble.

After reading some posts for the M3 set up swapped the 15mm to front and 12.5mm rear. The rear is pretty well flush and looks great. The front looked good, I think, but with about a quarter turn of the wheel she rubs an area of about inch and half wide, two inches high.

Could swap back; I think the rear could go the 2.5mm wider, but am wondering if the 2.5mm less will prevent the rub.

Realized this when I took it on a shakedown cruise late in the day, so did not try to remedy just yet. Any input would be appreciated, as having to go much slimmer will be close to the 10mm dead zone.

I will post what happens.
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