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Originally Posted by hova00 View Post
I think ill go with the offsets you recommened. They pretty much mirror the offsets that forgeline is using with thier GA1R wheel on their car. That car is running a 265-30-19 / 305-30-19 tire combo.

What are your thoughts on those tire sizes for the offsets that you recommended?

A 305 is certainly possible on an 11" wide wheel with a +30 offset, but you are entering another "grey area" there. Variables like ride height, camber setting, tire size carcass section width, etc... will all play in, so it's not necessarily a plug and play setup. For example, here is an 11" wide wheel with a +25 offset and a 305 width tire that we put together for a client:

My suggestion is that if you want a "no BS" wheel installation experience, go for the 295 rear Michelin PSS the first time around. It will definitely fit, and you will get an idea of how much space is available for a larger tire compared to how much work you are willing to do to make the tire fit. You can then opt for the 305s the next time you buy tires, and you'll be able to install the tires with confidence.

Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
You can get that much negative camber up front and rear with stock components???

I am pretty sure you would need front camber plates and possibly adjustable rear toe arms.

Correct, you would need aftermarket camber plates in front to get a negative camber value of 2.5 or greater. I confirm the same in the statement you quoted above:

Originally Posted by Ilia@IND View Post
You will more than likely need camber plates in front to have the flexibility of adjustment necessary to make a setup like that fit.
Rear toe arms will not help to increase rear camber by any appreciable amount, they will only allow for greater freedom in the adjustment of toe. The rear eccentrics are all you'll be able to use, unless you elect to purchase adjustable camber arms, available from companies like M24. Rear camber tends to max out at about 2.4 degrees negative with just the factory eccentric bolts when the car is at a low height.