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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Has anyone been to BMW's M school and another racing/driving school that could offer perspective?
Most other HPDE and schools I've been to have you use your own car. The SCCA and PCA in our region hold these pretty regularly. Plus, it's a crap shoot as to the quality of instructor you may get. Some are awesome, some OK, and some not so good. I would also say that your time on the track is less too as you are usually split up into 2-3 run groups. When you aren't running you are sitting around watching.

M School uses their cars on a custom made course that includes elevation changes, a polished concrete wet skid pad, all sorts of corners and curves, plus the best instructors. These guys are all pros and were very comfortable to be around - not intimidating or critical, just good tips and comments that helped you improve constantly. Plus, the course is so huge that you spend maybe an hour in class in the morning then it's all car time. You swap from the M3 to the M5 to the 1M (and now the M6 which will replace the 1M). Their tires, their brakes, their car - you crash, no problem. No insurance issues. It was a fantastic experience - they provide all food, lodging, transportation from hotel to school, plus you get a custom painted helmet to keep, shirts, caps, and other swag. 1st class experience all the way!!!