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I'm new to my M3 and have the same q's as the OP. This thread and the one linked regarding r-compound tires have been very helpful.

I have a further question on brakes though. My car is 99.9% daily driver. I could see how stainless lines could be beneficial and not be a problem on the street but is high temp brake fluid strictly a track thing? Also, do those running track pads really change back and forth when getting back on the street?

I've been on a track once at NCCAR in a friend's M3, which I put off the track bass-ackwards and sideways. I plan on the M school in April and after that, tracks as often as possible. However, given my job and location, hitting the track may only be once or twice/year.

Also, where is the best place to have SS lines put on, dealer or an independent shop?