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Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Please don't be advising r-compounds to an obvious rookie this is dangerous and bad advice. I don't mean to call anyone out I just think we need to be mindful of the ability of the drivers we are giving advice to. It is in their best interest that new drivers don't leap to r-compound tires otherwise this could happen

Anyways, HPDE is not about lap times and chasing speed through car modifications. It is about chasing speed through better driving. Street tires will make you a better driver before r-comps do. Street tires allow for higher slip angles, more cushion, more progressive break away, more car control to play with, limit at safer speeds. R-comps reward a slightly different driving style that, in my opinion, isn't as fun!, but drivers education should be done on street tires in slow cars.
1000x this! R comps for a new driver restrict learning and are dangerous. Stick to true street tires for at least a few track days, then to a mid grade r comp like a PSC or NT01, then to slicks or R6/R1 if you want to go that far. Good advice in here, no need to mod much while you're new.