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Originally Posted by WRXXX View Post
You sir, are not only ignorant but is why people think M3 drivers have no friends. I sure hope you are stranded in the middle of nowhere w/o reception, starving and then have some douche drive by and tell you there's really no upside for him to help you out by giving a boost.

Stay ignorant my friend. Stay ignorant.
Clearly you don't know what ignorant means. If I don't want to give someone a jump, that is my right and it does not make me a bad (or ignorant) person. At worst, it makes me mildly inconsiderate and I can live with that. By the same token, the person asking for the jump is also inconsiderate and/or ignorant. With few exceptions, a dead battery is either the result of carelessness (leaving a light on) or failure to maintain the vehicle properly (deferred maintenance). The dead battery is generally proof of that person's ignorance of the proper way to treat one's vehicle. I, on the other hand, know how to treat my vehicles and I've never had a dead battery.

That said, where is it written that one must give a jump start to anyone who asks? And how is it a sign of ignorance if I refuse said request? Maybe I should also pick up hitchhikers and allow those who run out of gas to siphon some from my gas tank. I'm sure you do all these things, since you seem to be such a shining beacon of kindness and tolerance.

Though it is tempting, I will not stoop to your level and I will not respond in kind to your insulting and uninformed comments about my character.