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Busboys generally get a percentage from the waiter/waitresses at the end of the night/shift. That's an industry standard.

Bar-backs get a percentage of the bartender's tips who themselves may get a cut from the waiters/waitresses.

If a waiter/waitress has a zone that can seat 8 tables and people generally eat within an hour. If they get an average $5-$10 tip per table per hour, that's approximately $40/$80 per hour over an 8 HOUR SHIFT respectively!!!!! If you're in the right restaurant, you can make a killing and that's CASH.... TAX free.

Even if the busiest days are Thursday through Saturday, if you can clean $320 per day (@$5 x 8 table x 8 hours), MINIMUM, over those three days, that still about grand CASH a week!!!

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