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Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Personally I always feel obligated to tip even when the service isn't good. I've always been conflicted though. On the one hand it's like "well you didn't give me a good service so do I really need to tip you?" On the other, waiters and waitresses rely on tips to make a living so I would feel bad if I didn't leave a tip. So I decided to do 10-15% (10% if it's really bad but I would still like to leave a small tip) if the service is bad/decent and 20-25% if it's good service.

I think in this case you kinda cheaped out. lol It's not a big deal I just thought it was funny that you assumed stuff and only tipped him 50 cents. I would have gotten change for the $5 bill and maybe leave him at least a couple bucks.
"bad" service that still deserves a tip are things like the restaurant being super busy, and the server having too many tables to handle. Things like food taking too long ETC, not their fault (unless they didn't put it in), over cooked food, bad food etc, not servers fault.

Things that don't deserve a tip is a server is nowhere to be found when you need a drink refill, who doesn't come by to check on how your food was, who doesn't know the menu, is rude, gets order wrong, cant remember who ordered what and auctions off your food at the table ETC. Depending on severity and accumulation of these, tip can be zero ( I leave a penny on CC tips just so they know it wasn't a mistake). I waited tables for years, so I wont tolerate a shitty server or any whining on the matter. You do your job or you don't get paid.

OP you should have asked for change, it's not that big of an oversight to not provide ones, just because you were to embarrassed to feel like a cheap ass. But you could have taken that into consideration when you did tip as it should have been handled.