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You Make The Call: My Fault or The Waiter?

Long story short, had a cheap dinner out. Split a pizza at a semi-nice Italian restaurant. Bill came to $19.44.

I literally only had 2 $20 bills with me. So I gave them to the waiter.

He brings back a $10 bill and 2 $5 bills, plus 2 quarters. I immediately think, "hmmm, is he expecting me to leave $5? I am a 20% tipper with good service, but it was marginal at best and I'm not feeling like $5 is in order. Now, we aren't talking a lot of money, but I felt either he was trying to get the bigger tip or he was a total rookie. Either way, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing his little plan worked. And if he didn't do it on purpose, maybe he won't do it again. Anyway, I left him the 50 cents and walked out.

Felt bad afterward. Maybe no tip would have been better than just the 50 cents? Or perhaps I should have just ponied up the $5?