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Originally Posted by DRLane View Post
Maybe e90s cost more, but most e92s sold on here are lower today than 2 years ago. That's especially the point with this $47k example. Nothing suggests it's worth that.

Yes, the ole "I borrow money because I can generate a market based return in excess of my interest". I'd rather invest in addition to owning my cars outright. That's the beauty of not dropping $100k...

My point is less than 1% of owners will ever break even let alone make a single dollar in excess of what they've spent.

It's a mass produced car. Enjoy it however makes you most happy.
They were e92s. I agree enjoy them however makes you happy. But if you want to keep them, rarely drive them, and act more like its a collectors car it will hold value. That was my point.

Its not hard to generate 10% in the market. Any decent Vanguard Index fund.