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Oh boy...LofT is getting personal.

Apologies buddy, I'm not going to engage in name calling. I reviewed the S4 and compared it to BMW and found it to be subpar, deal with it. Don't try to convince this board.

As far as joy goes, I feel pleasure when I drive my 335 based on the feel for road and curves I get...I did not get this with the S4. In summary, the S4 just didn't make the cut. I explained why I came to this conclusion; you're throwing profanities around like a child -- its nice entertainment.

I have a 60-40 rear split, and it def DOES NOT feel like RWD, as I used to own one.

Btw, I don't know what the prevailing ideology in California is -- but I don't treat everything as equal...there are better cars by the parameters I have defined (BMW, Porsche) and there are subpar cars by the parameters I defined (Audi, Merc, Lexus) -- I refuse to come out saying they are all equal to appease your emotions. I'd figure an American would appreciate this of all people.

Anyways bud, enjoy your car, it has a beaut engine no doubt (love the no lag) -- no one has time for nonsense like this. Cheers.