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Originally Posted by okusa View Post
They didn't spend more money. Putin put together a budget with grossly inflated figures and sweetheart deals for his constructions buddies
Oh, yeah, things like this happen in Russia too. Not on US scale, but they also happen. It is called "halliburtoning" in the Free World. (You know, as in "they halliburtoned some money from the American public".) It is when, for example, a US company uses taxpayer's money to build a "hospital" in the middle of almost inaccessible Afghan desert. Nobody can possibly reach that hospital. Nobody actually knows about it. Needless to say, nobody staffs the "hospital" itself. The "hospital" falls apart and disappears a month weeks later, but the money is already in the right pockets.

And, of course, you are forgetting the inconvenient fact that Russia by a large margin is the richest and the most expensive place in the world. Things just naturally cost more there. You know, just like a small house in California const more than five mansions in North Carolina. USA, being a third world country, simply can't afford this sort of grandeur, which is why it looks too expensive to you. Hence this massive amount of jealousy and butthurt among the US losers that the World has the dubious pleasure to observe with disgust right now in various Internet forums.

Originally Posted by okusa View Post
for projects that never materialized. Total joke.
No, no, no... You are confused. You are trying to project American halliburtoning you are so used to onto Russian halliburtoning. But there's are minor yet important differences.

In Russia halliburtoning is done domestically. Which means that the project always materializes. Sochi is a great example of that. And it should, since when it happens at home, it is easy to keep an eye on. This is actually why US crooks prefer to halliburton money on overseas projects mostly. The project fails to materialize, but no one knows! Clever, huh! It is just easier to steal money when you do it far from the public.

Domestic halliburtoning in USA happens too, and by the same scheme as in Russia though. San Francisco Bay Bridge is the most recent example that comes to mind, but they are abundant across the country.

And no, even though they massively overcharge in Russia, they actually spend a lot of the money. This is another minor difference between the Russia and USA in that regard. In Russia such projects result in massive windfall of money to everyone involved, all the way to the last window cleaner. In USA most of the money tend to get "stuck" at the upper levels of hierarchy, with bottom layers getting only "nominal" pay.

And, of course, there's that little difference that American crooks prefer to hide their halliburtoning by creating a nose screen out of murdering massive amounts of people. I mean, who'd worry about some money in a situation like that, right? Works like a charm. Tends to give the USA the status of a pariah shithole of the world, but who cares when you have money in your pocket!

In Russia they prefer to build roads and Olympic objects instead.

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