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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
There are dumb people on both sides. A thread that devolves into "Let's see who's party has the stupidest people" is a thread begotten by stupid people.

The biggest scandal this side of Watergate is upon us with Benghazi and the assassination of our Ambassador, a topic mind you no Democrat wants to even get into the facts are so bad against this Administration, that the focus is on idiot voters outside of a debate??

Liberals would be foaming at the mouth had GWB:
  • Failed to protect our Embassy on the anniversary of 9/11
  • Let Al'Queada become resurgent in North Africa and kill a U.S. Ambassador for the first time in 30 years.
  • Lied about the root cause being a video that 19 people saw when it came out 6 months ago
  • Deny funding security for the Libyan Ambassador, while at the same time funding green cars for another Embassy
  • Go on 2 fund raisers then do Letterman the next day of the attack
  • Miss half of his Intelligence Briefings leading up to the attack.

But nevermind... lookey-here at this idiot Romney voter.
Yet you decided to jump in on this thread:

Obama Phone Voter in Ohio

The attack in Libya is a tragedy I agree. There is no way I would ever want to see 4 United States Citizens lose their lives over ANYTHING.

I posted that thread a month after the attack in Libya, 10/12. Right after another current event the vice-presidential debate. Exactly how long must we wait until we can change the subject to something other than the attack in Libya?

The thread I linked to above was started on 9/27. How is that thread not any different than this?