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Originally Posted by xbook View Post
Ok, so because there was an attack in Libya, I can't post anything about Rmoney. Ok, gotcha.
If you want people to not call you on an attempt to misdirect attention or distract, then probably your best bet would be to post something about Romney, or what his designates did or said. This wasnt a post about something that Republicans did or said in any official capacity, so much as it was a post about the behaviour of a dumbass supporter of his, which he cannot control. As was mentioned, both sides have dumbass supporters.

The event you highlighted proves only that dumb people are allowed to publicly express political support. I assumed the video of people excited about their free Obamaphones already established that.

The events in Libya are a much bigger deal, and involve matters that are much more serious.

The fact that Obama and Biden continue to repeatedly fixate on silly memes like "Binders of Women" or "Bigbird", instead of addressing the real problems of the day, is troubling to a lot of people, including many lifelong Democrats.

Which is the bigger crime here, some poorly chosen turn of phrase to describe efforts to improve workplace diversity, or ignoring requests for more security which results in the deaths of 4 Americans?

You cannot deny that liberals would be foaming at the mouth had the tables been turned and a Republican was at the wheel when that happened. Considering how nasty and vitriolic some are when attacking D-list celebrities who dare to express right-wing support on twitter, I cant imagine how venomous they would be on issues that really matter.