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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
The gov't is not getting into healthcare, they're getting into healthcare insurance. And even then they're not providing it (except for medicare/medicaid), they're just trying to make it a level playing field that most people can afford. The private sector has not done so efficiently or fairly. Now whether or not the gov't can actually affect positive change in the healthcare insurance field is another discussion. I have my doubts.
i didn't want to confuse anyone so i just went with their quote. i get that they are trying to make it a level playing field, but I don't see their solution making it a level playing field.. unfair to both the private sector and people in the country imo.. there are options that i feel should be enacted to have a positive change, but from the insurance company perspective in regarding lower income families. I only see the current plan as an unnecessary burden on tax payers. even medicaid and medicare should be abolished in my opinion with very select exceptions, but that of course would require mandates for insurance sector.