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Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
There's an old saying, "there's no replacement for displacement", having said that it's not all about power on a road course or track. Weight, breaking, suspension and handling can overcome a car with more power that doesn't perform as well going around corners, changing direction and slowing down. Watch the mini with the V8 Mustang at about the 6 min mark. The Mustang pulls away on the straight, but in the corners its no contest.
yeah actually GT40's big block was so heavy that, suspension and brakes were struggling pretty much but gaining time on the straights.. and that time they were no chicanes on the straight.. so it was even easier for more powerful cars to make some time.. that 5L top rule and those chicanes came at the same year.. and Ford had to make a proper chassis for following year with 4.7L and won it again.. thats called ambition..

and for that saying.. i guess it started to change in last 5-10 years pretty much.. another Le Mans winner Porsche 919 has a 2L engine with electric power and its not even an inline 2L engine.. its V4 turbocharged.. a very compact engine..