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GT40 had 3 different engines.. 2 different 4L's (one of them is Lotus engine) and 7 liters.. class was production GT.. 5L engine at most rule came later '66-'67.. 250 GTO should be around 300hp and its V12.. revs higher than GT40 4L engine which is probably im sure 5500-6000rpm at most.. and its 300-350hp also..

250GTO was a top-notch chassis you could find on the grid at that time with a fuel efficient engine with smooth and reliable V12.. as a package there were no better car at that time until Ford spent millions to beat Ferrari.. but as they say beating on the circuit wasnt enough to beat the Ferrari in customers mind..

sheer driving pleasure video of GTO.. even watching is super pleasant..

and here comes a pic of mine of that era..