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Originally Posted by ns2000x
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I am liking the new lotus. However, I am not so sure about the Toyota sourced run of the mill engine. But it seems they liked it.

They do not compare the sound of these cars against one another. Because I am assuming that the M3 would have sounded the best followed by the P car.

None the less great group of cars. I love the M3 GTS....I just wish it looked more DTM style. None the less it makes no difference as it seems sold out.
No surprise to see the RS 4.0 could it not? Its quite possibly the best car ever made. You simply cannot compare anything else in this comparo to it.

We all know the GT3 RS 4.0 is THE best car, easily, amongst this group and also sounds the best by some margin too! The M3 cannot compare to the exotic symphony of the RS 4.0! It makes the M3 by comparo seem tame and mundane...and thats having actually heard the 4.0 in person compared to even a full exhaust M3. Simply no contest.
The 4.0 is amongst the best cars ever made and thats why anything short of a 458 or McLaren has trouble competing with it and even those cant beat it in comparos.
There was a similar Evo test with the GTS and GTR and the 4.0 easily won that one too.
My boss is a part owner of a track, he has a 4.0 and a CGT and he can't stop going on about how phenomenal the 4.0 is with a big kid grin.

I'd also rank the C63 above any M3 from an acoustic perspective. They sound like sex...
They really sound like bodies slapping against each other and moaning and shit? That's awesome.
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