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When you track in the lower run groups, there are few cars that run r-comps. Also, one might not be 'riding up someone's ass' to set-up for passes.
In the faster groups, they use r-comps...get close enough and those tires on the guy in front of you suddenly become bb-guns. Don't believe me?...fine, next track day go look at the instructor/racer group's cars and see just what advanced group running has done for their front bumpers/fenders/windshields. And then ask them how much they've spent re-spraying their bumpers/hoods...

Having known that my M was going to live a time of it's life in advanced-group HPDEs, I had a professional shop install the clear-bra protection over a good amount of the "higher wear" areas.

If you have the it. If you plan on selling your car sometime in the it. Try to explain the sandblasting to someone as "HPDE wear" and you'll lose over half your potential buyers within the first few seconds.

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