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Originally Posted by Hammer View Post
Technic, HIS4,

do you have any concrete advise?
10'' Speakers under the seats? you started a discussion about the possibility of speakers and their pro´s and cons, but as far as i unterstood, they were not installed in a m3 yet and might not fight,right?
Right now, your best and easiest to install combo is a sub in the trunk and a pair of SWS-8 under the seats. There also is the Audio System AX 08 BMW 20cm plug 'n play Subwoofer available in Germany, but I don't know how it compares with the SWS-8 in quality, only that it is a much lower power-handling sub (120W max vs. 300W max) than the SWS-8.

The woofers under the seats will take care of the strong low-midbass and the sub in the trunk of the stronger sub bass.

The discussion about installing 10" subs is just to compare ideas and possibilities of not having to install anything in the trunk and let those 2 10" under the seats do both the sub and mid bass duties. Any of the 10" shallow woofers discussed here will require a completely new and custom vented enclosure under the seats, though.