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Originally Posted by HIS4 View Post
If been looking for some detailed info about that enclosure for the 330 install but never found any. I want to know how exactly they were able to get that enclosure in there and what the air space was.

Here's another sub that I found that is shallower than the Morel 9" and about the same depth as the SWS-10. Its a Diamond Audio HEX S10. It actually looks very similar to an SWS sub but with a larger voicecoil and a cast frame.

Another possibility is an RE Audio SL-10. Not sure if this one can be done IB or not but its just as deep as the Morel.

The shallow sub choices really open up if you move up to 10" but the problem is air space and how to mount it under the seat.
The SWS line of subs are described here:

The Morel Elate 9 instalation was done here...

...for this car:

The Morel specs are here:

So in paper... if only the opening of that mounting plate is bigger in diameter by less than 1.5" a SWS-10 could fit as well as that Morel 9".