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Hey guys - this is a great thread. Couple questions for you all - where have you all been getting your oil? I read this and a couple other threads, it seems that many are buying the oil change kit from, which is around $140 shipped. Doing the quick math, isn't that expensive? Assuming 10w60 oil is $12 (price is questionable, seen prices from $9 per bottle to $20+ at dealerships), 9 quarts x $12 each + $17 filter = $125? Taxes might kill it and make it even, but was curious where everyone is getting their oil/filters from.

Also, is everybody using a jack/ramp setup? Is this absolutely necessary? I don't have either, and while I'm sure they would make the job much easier, I would prefer not to if it's not absolutely necessary. Then again, it probably makes sense to have them for future oil changes, cars, etc. I have no idea how much these cost either, so maybe it's not as bad an investment as initially thought.

Thanks guys - you rock!