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I been eyeing for fun m3 even though I own one. Just to see how the value been doing. Honestly not a lot of lower miles out there in general. I think if you filter it you can see easily.

I know some dealers with super low miles under 30k miles asking 60k+ up north of 80k. and almost 90k for under 10k miles. For ones I see pop up. Do they get that asking price 🤷🏽*♂️ but I'm sure someone would cough it up if they want it since it's becoming more rare.

From my own research and amount, plus color combo seems play factor and demand if I was paying for one that spec $36-40k. Have rod bearing done is a plus 👌

If you can get $34-36k range I'd be happy. You'll need shocks and also maybe some other maintain done soon depending if they done anything else early. So you're looking to drop $2-5k parts and labor depending if you do the install and what replacement parts you get just for a suspension setup.