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OK well now I see why they are asking $25k: very, very rare combination to see an E90 with 6MT, add in the IB and you have a car almost impossible to find.

It looks extremely clean and you can see the small upgrades (black M3 badge, updated lighting and wheel bolts) plus Michelin tires all suggest it was taken care of, possibly by an BMW enthusiast.

While I now understand the higher price, the high miles would cause a dilemma for you down the road: put just 17k miles in 2+ years, and now you want something different, but need to sell a 09 M3 with 130k miles? Very difficult to get high resale with that many miles.

Both Cyber-D and I understand the quest for IB/LMB. If you really want E90+6MT+IB, I'd do a PPI to at least see what other issues there are. If they find some issues and you still want the car, use those issues as leverage to get the dealer to come down in price.

To me passing or holding off on this particular car as you have decided makes the most sense. If your budget is around $25k, you most certainly will find a number of good cars with less then 100k in just as good of condition, possibly with RB and TA already done.

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Update: Dealer wasn't going to budge at all on the price so I politely passed. Here's the car in question if any of y'all care. I really appreciate the insight!
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Judging by the painted side markers, aftermarket wheels & studs, and LED angel eyes it looks like it was certainly owned by an enthusiast (and it's almost my twin except for the transmission and aluminum trim).

It's definitely a $3-5k premium you'd be spending for the color (which I get cause I did it too). If you are like me and you absolutely have to have it in blue, then it's still cheaper than the $40K I spent, but just know that you could probably find a black or white car in better shape for similar or less.

But blue looks so damn good I don't mind that money missing from my bank account...I've already had 3 white BMW's couldn't do another one.

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