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CyberDemon has nailed it, but I'll chime in since I was recently in your shoes.

First off, RB and TA are the biggest concerns for any E9x M3, and if they can PROVE the RB have been done (actual hard copy receipt of work done), that is a big hurdle for a car with over 100k.

Price of $25k is curious for a 2009 E92 and does seem higher then normal to me with the main reasons are IB paint + 6MT + dealer markup. Does it have CF roof? Single hump? Cloth interior? If not, it's priced a bit high.

But to me the biggest factor would be the PPI, which IMHO you must get. The results will really determine if anything the dealer is telling you is true, which I have unfortunately found out is usually never the case.

Finally assuming the car passes a PPI, if you have your heart set on IB/LMB exterior, you must be prepared to jump on the car.

I was also a remote buyer when I purchased my car, and once the car passed the PPI, I had lined up everything to allow me to pickup the car a few days later.

Good luck!

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New around here and found a 2009 M3 6MT i
n Interlagos Blue and am curious if it's a good deal or if I should run like hell. It's got ~113,500 on the odometer and RBs have been done, although I'm not sure at what mileage. Not sure about TAs. 3 previous owners and I'm forced to buy sight unseen. Plan on having a PPI done but wanna see what y'all think before I go ahead with that. Thanks!
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It's listed for $25k. As far as overall condition, from videos and pictures I've seen it looks to be in very good condition. Paint has been color corrected recently. Owner 2 reported damage to rear on the Carfax, and also doesn't have any service records on the books. Carfax is pretty sparse on service records. Fairly certain it is bone stock, no obvious mods. No way to know if it was tracked since its coming from a dealer. There's parts of the deal that definitely sketch me out, which is why I came here to ask people that know way more than I do. Really just wanna know if it's even worth it to go through with the PPI.

Trust me I don't either, but as I get deeper into the search, I'm realizing that that's probably the only way I'm gonna get one to me. The Navy's not too keen on letting us travel at the moment.
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That price feels way too high for a '09 with 100k+, you're paying for the rareness of the blue in that situation. A quick look shows there are a number of 2011 cars with like 85k in that price range.

With an accident on the car fax and no service history I'd be inclined to pass unless the dealer was willing to come down or you absolutely had to have a blue car right now.

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