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Originally Posted by dogears View Post
Or maybe what is good for some people is not good for others who like unnaturally heavy bass. Many people like to listen to greatly exagerrated bottom end. I am an audio engineer by training, as well as professional musician for 20 years and I don't think the malignment I read here is in line with the reality.

I do believe there are significant differences between the cars btw. The speakers and locations are different between the E90,92, and 93. As such, there may be subtle DIRAC differences. Or maybe 09 was tweaked.

I maintain for a stock production system it is very nice. It kills the systems I have heard in both Lexus and Infiniti. I have had the Nakamichi Lexus and an M45 with the Bose. My dad has a Mark Levinson in his Lexus. M3 decimates it.

I don't listen to any rap, techno, or heavy metal at all...... Only jazz and jazz fusion. I do have a lot of heavy grooving material with 6 string bass and nicely miced drums. So, I do need tight crisp bass. The bass could be a smidge fuller, but it is very good for stock.
While I don't doubt your music history, I do not agree with you on this system being better than the Mark Levinson on the Lexus. I had a GX470 with the Levinson system, and it sounded more accurate, and more mature than the enhanced system in my M3.

I do know high quality music as well, I have B&W 800 series as my home theater system pared with an Anthem AVM50 Preamp.

I don't dissagree that the M3 system isn't good, I just don't think it compares to the Levinson system in the Lexus
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