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It's not that you didn't respond in ten hours its more of like your fraudulent history in the past and not being a man of your words. Well, how was I to know, everything started tying in when you said you tried to ship it out on the weekend and you didn't which was ok. Then I sent you multiples pm's regarding shipment and a tracking number and you said you will ship it like Monday which you didn't. Then I see your name everywhere on the internet about being a fraud and you don't reply back to my pm's what am I suppose to think that you are a man of your words? I don't think so, so I try to help out my fellow board members by posting what had happen. But if you "keep your word" and refund me my money then we can call it even. I did get an "email" from your so called computer business saying the refund was sent but i still don't believe you until it shows up on my cc statement.