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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Aside from the fact that it was '94, what the hell are you talking about?
If you're going to have an expert talking head on to discuss and explain the accident to the audience at least find someone qualified or familiar with Indy Cars.

His stated expertise was with F1 and then he proceeded to screw up the history of safety in F1. Not only was it 1994, two drivers died that weekend (everyone seems to forget about Roland Ratzenberger) and the push for safety was not from the drivers as he said but very much top down from the FIA pushed by Max Mosley, Sid Watkins, et. al.

He couldn't speak intelligently about Las Vegas and the issues surrounding the race so he tried to contrast it with what happened in F1 and was totally wrong. He repeated that this might be the event for the "drivers to take a stand" or some such crap. Safety must be an organizational imperative. Just as many drivers expressed concern about this race prior, they still got in their cars and got on with the job when the flag dropped.

The guy was making my blood boil as a I was forced to listen to him and his misinformation once or twice an hour. Apologies for taking the thread off in a tangent.

RIP Dan Wheldon.