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Originally Posted by JetBlack5OC View Post
This type of racing on 1.5 mile high bank ovals is far more dangerous than Nascar and even F1.
exactly. flat/very little bank turns in f1 require the driver to slow down to make the turns. f1 tracks are also designed with runoff areas, pea gravel, and tire walls. all of these combined lessen the impact and lead to safer racing. yes, driving anything at 200+ mph is inherently dangerous, but there are ways to make it safer (with the exception of monaco and other tight street circuits). i just think there can't be anything too safe about going 4 wide on a steep bank at 225mph at those incredible G forces. the margin for error is pinhole small, and what happened is a glaring example of what can go wrong. there was just simply nowhere to go except into the wall. when 15 cars get together, something bad is bound to happen.

it works for NASCAR because it's obviously done in large stock cars with a lot more protecting the driver. crumple zones, a shell, tubular steel, etc. there's a very valid reason that f1 drivers absolutely hated indy, and it's because the track was setup for a different kind of racing. the speeds were too consistently high and the G forces made work infinitely harder on the drivers.