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Is it me or everyone has some sort of issue with an dealership, no matter what. Basically it just takes one bad apple to ruin the relationship with the customer and buyer. And since the car buying experience is historically not an yearly event for most people, its that one bad experience that can last a lifetime for the buyer.

I don't want to disparage Car salespeople on this post but their biggest skillset is making a sell. Unfortunately there are more ill-equipped sales people out there then good ones. From my experience I think the luxury brand salespeople are not the best salespeople in the world. How hard is it to sell an M3/M5/M6/X6 etc to someone who is interested and have the cash? It really comes to the sort of deal they offer/accept. So naturally my suspicion is that lots of these salespeople don't really work on being good salespeople but work on begin good sales invoice writers. I know the Porsche sales people were like that, because they didn't give a crap about making a 'sale' the last few years, and had rich wall street bonus kids coming in and buying porsches like kids in a candy store. Now they have to work at being 'real' salespeople and you can tell who can do sales and who can't.

So my point is this: no dealership is perfect, and they all have one or more ill-equipped salespeople working there. The best thing you can do is bring your issues/complaints to the manager on the floor. If your salesperson is not servicing you properly, get another one. Its your money, let it speak or just walk away.