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Originally Posted by ArtE92M3 View Post
dont mean to awaken an old thread but i must say that i am not very happy with BMW of Darien. dealt with Jim and Don. I was told to pick up my car on friday. called them, they said it would be ready. drove out the car was not ready (By the way, i am in brooklyn so its a solid 1.5 hr drive). naturally upset i drove back and agreed to come back on sat. called prior to driving on sat and predictably, they didnt send anyone to a ny dmv to register my car and get plates. So then it was monday. finally the car was ready. I went to pick it up and and when i saw it, i wanted to puke. the car was dirty and not only that, the interior had dog hairs all over. as you can imagine i freaked out like you have no idea. They asked to come on tues and the car would be detailed and ready for pickup and they would include the M mats for free. When i came on tuesday the car was washed but by no means detailed and aparently, they ran out of M mats...thats my Darien experience

sent you a PM....question for ya...

sorry bout the crappy experience.
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