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Good and bad, my observations

Sorry to hear you pretty much CAN'T take delivery of a NEW SMG car in 2007 - ugh. However, this is all great news for me!


Price: 100,000/90,000 * $48.9k USD (2006 E46 M3 base price) = $54.3k. Wow sounds really low! I'd be darn happy if we get the beast for under $55k base price. The $115k price translates into $62.5k USD well optioned! These seem a bit low to me - we'll have to see.

Delivery: Seems like things have either been accelerated or the truth is now out on delivery. Looks very promising for a late 2007 calendar year delivery in the US as a 2008 model year (what I have been saying all along). I sure hope I (and the rest of us) can get an SMG car delivered in calendar year 2007. That would really make my year. Perhaps us SMG-ers will only have to pass on a month or so of allocations if 6M is the only thing rolling of the line first.