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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I didn't think lowering it half an inch and slightly stiffer damping would do much. I haven't driven a ZCP, but just thinking through it I don't see how it could make a significant difference.

I've seen reviews from people that have tracked both and found the difference to be negligible. Not saying you're wrong (it is an opinion after all), just saying that thinking ZCP makes much difference on track is an unusual opinion to hold.

OP: Definitely will be 'good enough.' I like coilovers much better than stock, but even non-ZCP stock is pretty damn good for a stock car. If you were happy with an older M with stock dampers you'll love the E9X.

My tire wear has been terrible stock and with coilovers and 2.5 camber.
On the stock street tires the ZCP does not feel that different than the base suspension.With a proper square setup the ZCP feels a lot different thanks to dialing out the turn in understeer than the ZCP has.

These are my left side tires after 2 days at WGI with the outside being to the right side of the picture.More wear on the inside with a stock alignment.