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Originally Posted by Dandaman184 View Post
I haven't compared actual dimensions ever, but side by side you can absolutely tell the Q7, Touareg, and Cayenne are related. It must be inches seperating them.
Yes to Cayenne and Touareg looking similar they do share doors and some other items but externally the Q7 shares nothing with the Touareg or Cayenne, the wheelbase is also longer at 3,002mm whereas the Cayenne and Touareg are 2,855mm, Q7 is 5,005mm long, the Porsche/VW duo are both shorter than 4,800mm, Q7 is a much larger car, Audi markets the Q7 as a fullsize SUV whereas Porsche and VW call there's midsize SUV's.

Remember that Audi have not released the 2nd gen Q7, whereas Porsche and VW have released the 2nd gen Cayenne and Touareg.