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Dems vs. Reps States

In light of this past week's election results, I was very intrigued to physically see maps on the various news reporting agencies websites that broke out which states voted Dem vs. Rep.

Now before this discussion gets into the regular name calling and party bashing, I would genuinely appreciate some honest feedback about how the division has resulted. As an outsider, I personally find your two party system badly flawed as it seems that it has become more voting against the other party than voting for any particular candidate and what they stand for.

There have been some very good discussions in a few of the other threads that have enlightened me to some of the ideals of each party (fully aware that the limited opinions reflected here do not necessarily accurately represent who the party's are).

Now my actual question....and I know it will likely offend the Rep how the split developed and why it appears that the split represents a certain perception?

I have had the pleasure of travelling extensively through the western US (and actually own property in SoCal) but have been limited to Georgia and Florida in the East.

My perception of the states that have voted Rep, and consequently those that lost the election, is that they are the ones that could be perceived by outsiders as being "redneck" or "bible belt" or "ultra-conservative", etc.

My experiences in both Georgia and Arizona (both Rep states) are in support of the perception. They seem to be "redneck" and, frankly, racist (especially Georgia).

As has been mentioned in other threads, is this really who the Reps are?....and if so, can they adjust to win another election in the future?

Again, I have no horse in this race, and would not be in support of either of the current candidates. Sadly, the actual candidate seems to matter little in the big scheme of things.

I hope that this can be discussed rationally and honestly. If it becomes too argumentative or if I have offended the Reps greatly, I will ask the mods to take down the thread.
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