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Doesn't matter when or who invented the secret coding algorithms, there are thousands of coding algorithms out there for use and re-use. The CIA or MI5 would not know which one, or which combinations, the terrorists would be using. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack for the CIA and MI5.

Terrorists have be known to use combinations of real and false codes to throw off secret services. This will keep the CIA and MI5 off balance and frustrated because the secret service will always need to waste resources to ensure all threats are mitigated.

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Sorry to say that the wingdings to ASCII conversion was planned nearly 20 years ago when M$ put out Windoze 3.0.

From 9/11 Encyclopedia:

Q33NY, a well placed hoax in September 2001, as reported, wasn't the flight number of one of the terrorist planes (Wingdings Hoax).

It was AA 077, AA 011, UA 093 and UA 175.

The correct registration numbers (->): N644AA (# AA 077), N334AA (# AA 011), N591UA (# UA 093), N612UA (# UA 175)

"Wingdings" was designed by Bigelow and Holmes, an outside vendor.
They denied that Microsoft intentionally designed the secret message.
Prof. Charles Bigelow confirmed that his company provided the symbols, but insisted that Microsoft made the final "mapping" decisions
assigning his symbols to specific keys on the keyboard.
He's Professor of Digital Typography at Stanford for several years.
With partner Kris Holmes he runs the Bigelow & Holmes studio.
Their most significant work is the Lucida font family, perhaps the first serious attempt to make type look good
on low-resolution output. Lucida's accompanying pi font, Wingdings, has long been included with Windows.
NOTE: typing IRAQ WAR (in caps) with wingdings also shows some intersting icons
also try NYPD "

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You seriously think that a 'terrorist organization' would go out of their way to invent a font, that would only benefit them by the use of one word??
I like this post, it just shows how gullible most people in the world are.

If you want to find a pattern in something bad enough, you will be able to find it. Just like this 'bible code' I was talking about with my dad, that claims a 'code' in the bible predicted presidents, 911, and etc..
Of course this would be easy since they are using "Q L Y N T W N" as Clinton, and "H Y T L R" for Hitler. But if they were to predict something that hasn't already happened, and find it in the 'bible code' before it does, maybe I MIGHT just believe. Anyone can find a single word that they are looking for, in thousands of pages of text... Even if they are using a 'crossword' type method to find these words.

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