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One never knows what the other driver is exactly doing in particular instance...the ISF in that situation was a tad faster than the E60 was (both a little slower than me) that's entirely possible he wasn't trying as hard, didn't hit the right shift points in the SMG if was manual shifting (having driven E60 M5s on a track, there is some initial hesitation when trying to engage the right gear), or maybe car wasn't optimally performing, or was a 5 yr old car vs my 1 yr old car (mileage, plugs, filter, etc etc). Also, I am tuned w/ bolt ons, so maybe that made a difference, maybe not. None of these war stories are truly controlled/scientific..the only thing you see is the result without fully knowing the inputs/variables.

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Nope. Either he wasn't racing or you are mistaken.

The v10 m5/6 is an animal over 60mph and would absolutely destroy a non sc m3. Tons of vids on YouTube demonstrate the result...

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